Portland (and Vancouver, WA) Yarn Crawl

We're participating in the Portland Yarn Crawl. It's going to be the biggest crawl to come to the area. Mark your calendars for March 5th, 6th, and 7th. Here's the description, including a fabulous raffle. If you participate in the crawl, you can win one of 15 prize baskets put together by yarn company sponsors. Here's more information:

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How it Works

     We do everything possible to make people aware of the Yarn Crawl that is conducted in their city. This web site contains all the information you need.  Information is also available at the stores, on Ravelry.comFacebook and  local media.   Please share your knowledge of the crawl with any of your yarn buddies.  The best information always comes from sharing and  networking.


In Portland, there are l5 stores participating in the Yarn Crawl, which will run  from Friday, March 5 through Sunday, March 7th.  During  their normal  business hours, you can begin at any one of the 15 stores.  Each customer is asked to "sign-in" at every store they visit.  These sign in sheets are retained by the stores and producers of the crawl.  You will be able to let them know if you wish to be added to their mailing lists via an opt-in box on the sheet.  No one will be added to any list without permission, of course.  Beginning in February, stores will also have a quantity of maps and list of stores and sponsors.  The same information can be found on line if you want  to plan in advance.  Either way, you are covered. 


     As soon as you sign in you will be given a raffle ticket which will allow you to enter to win one of the 15 identical raffle baskets you will see at each store.  Please know that no purchase is ever required for entry into the raffle - it is a free raffle open to every person on the crawl.  Since there are 15 stores, there are 15 raffle baskets.  If you visit all 15 stores, you will get 15 chances to win, but we ask that you only enter once at each store you visit over the course of the weekend.  This is requested in order to give everyone an equal chance to win. Raffle tickets  should be filled out with name, address and contact information.  You do not have to be present to win a basket.  All winners will be notified within 48 hours of the close of the weekend and told where to pick up their basket.


     To encourage participation in the Crawl, we also conduct a Scavenger Hunt. The theme of the hunt will be identified prior to the event. The theme for Portland will be "Local Designers". (More on this to come). This is done by placing 15 recognizable designs - one for each store - in plain sight within the store.  As people visit each store, they can look for the item, which will be identified with a numbered tag.  The first person who emails the correct placement of each item to us will win the Grand Prize of a beautiful basket containing enough Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn to make this lovely afghan. (Picture and prize courtesy of Blue Sky Alpacas, one of the sponsors of the Portland Yarn Crawl.)

More questions?  Please go to the contact page and we'll be back to you ASAP, we promise!

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