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Studio Space Remodel

August 17, 2011, misc

No, don't judge me....

The remodel has not yet begun, but cleaning, sorting and organizing has, thanks to my good friend Jilian. Jilian was an employee at StitchCraft for two years. We've become good friends and I give her the title master organizer. I would go away on a trip, or for the weekend when my shop was open, and she would reorganize the entire shop for me. That meant more sales because you have to move your merchandise around so customers can "see" it better.

Many times, we would reorganize and a long time customer would say,"I never saw this before - when did you get it in?" We would just chuckle to ourselves thinking That's been in the shop for three months now , but finally you can see it :-)

So, I didn't want to bore you with what this room originally looked like, but here it is better organized, so I know where EVERYTHING IS! It took Jilian and I about a day and a half to get it to this point, but soon, the fun will begin with painting, shelving, window treatments, more lighting, a new cover for the sofa (or a new love seat and chairs) and more.

Studio remodel-1 
From right to left; desk, sewing table, storage drawers with art supplies, papers.

Studio remodel-2
From left to right: Bureau with knitting, embroidery, beading and sewing supplies. Remember the tree in the shop? There it is on top of the bureau. I love that tree. The closet is now housing my knitting needles. I have hundreds. You can't see them well, but they're there. There is also a dress form in the closet.

Studio remodel-3

Sitting area. Ignore the mess which is the playroom adjacent. Still haven't organized that room.

Studio remodel-4

Area with crafting books and weaving supplies. My floor loom is in another room because it's just too big for this room. I have two rigid heddle looms that will fit. That other door is a powder room. The total space is 14' x 14'.

So where is my stash you ask?

My home has a storage room and it's in there. I will move some of it into my studio when it's completely finished, but the majority of it will stay in containers. We have moths in the Pacific Northwest and I don't have an interest in losing my stash to them. Below is the yarn stash. Ten, 18-gallon Rubbermaid storage containers. I think I have enough for two lifetimes worth of knitting.


And below is the fabric stash. Not too big, one bureau full.


Finishing the studio might take me another six months, everything is a process. I've been looking at Studios magazine and Where Women Create (via Somerset Studio) for inspiration. I love Heather Bailey's studio the most. Here is a link to her flicker stream of studio photos. I can't wait to brighten it up! Here's another inspiring studio: Anna Marie Horner's studio here...

I Know, I Know....

June 27, 2011, mother and wife

I've been a baaaaaad blogger! I can't help it, really...I'm having a great time with my kids. I even made this heavenly pie today via The Yarnista! She does yarn, but she does this too!!!! Yup, domestic bliss...


It's so good. Here is a link to her Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse Pie...

Will Post Soon...

June 5, 2011, mother and wife

So sorry! I've been quite busy. Planning vacations, summer camps for the kids, two overnight field trips, school PTO, organizing my house, sending out knitting teaching proposals (I was asked to submit for Oregon Flock and Fiber in September), prepping for Madrona 2012, and more...I will try to get another business plan post out this month. Funny how you leave a 60 hour-per-week work schedule only to replace it with lots of other stuff. But I am happy to say I've made time to read and exercise daily. I'm dancing again at Oregon Ballet Theater. They have a really nice adult program in the evenings and during the day, after I drop off the kids at school. I'm planning my knitting/weaving studio makeover. I will take before and after pictures to show you.

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